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Stefano has been off and on for years and was only on a one year contract when they decided to leave him in a coma. He did not like the way Stefano was treated or how Ken left a message on his answering machine. He said he wanted to leave in a different fashion not the wimpy way Marlena stuck him in the neck. His argument was really about the integrity of his character Stefano. He thought Stefano deserved a different ending and that is why I believe he came back..

Now that I saw this I cant help but be struck by the Irony.. Corday knew what a disgusting ending such a thing would be, especially to someone like John Black.. so then he goes and does what ??
"Sticks John in the neck with a syringe" Maybe not putting him in a frozen coma, but instead paralyzing him. .. Him .. John the Hero of Days, Marlena's Knight in shining armor, the love of her life... Corday is an unimaginative asshole.. Who is not even clever enough to disguise his obvious jealousy and hatred of a beloved Actor. :soapbox:
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