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Jan 18 2009, 03:30 PM
I'm not sure I agree that the Days viewers liked the JER style of slow pacing. I actually found Sheffer's pacing far superior, even if it was faster than people were used to, because things actually happened and you didn't have the same conversations happening every single day for a month (see the whole rooftop party where EJ and Sami were talking endlessly about whether Sami should come clean to Austin about blackmailing Lexie--that lasted weeks).

The real problem with the pacing on the show is that there isn't any at all. Pacing isn't so much about speed or slowness as it is about properly building momentum to a crisis point in one story while another story is still in the slow build stage and yet another story is in the climax/resolution stage. It's about making crisis moments count and payoffs satisfying. It's about bringing the viewer along for the ride, making them want what you want them to want. Pacing can be slow at times and then breakneck speed at times, and some stories will be hurtling along while others are simmering slowly. It's about knowing when to speed up and knowing when to slow down.
I agree with you. The pacing overall is horrid, whether slow or fast. It seems to me like the writers can only focus on one story at a time, so one story goes full steam, while the others kinda muddle around without any direction, then the full steam ahead one just dies. There have been interesting concepts this year, but the execution is bad. Things can start off on a roll, but then it seems either overkilled, or suddenly just dropped or sidelined. At least, it's seemed that way with me with most of the stories. I do not think these writers really plan the stories out, and it shows in the end when we don't go anywhere.

I still think the core of the problem is basic storytelling and lack of true character development overall. We should have someone to root for. I felt that way about Nicole before she lost the baby. I feel like I'm trying to root for the lesser of two evils vs rooting for someone I really care about most of the time. Aside from the vets who were developed in the past with strong character stories, there really is no one I care about. I want to care about Ej, Nicole, Sami, Phillip, Stephanie, etc, but I don't see anything worth rooting for, and I try to force it. I guess maybe we're not supposed to root anymore, but that's what always kept me invested in Days, caring what happens to the characters I'm watching.

Although I must admit, I really do care about Brady again after last week. Of course, I care about him because of the wonderful relationship/chemistry with J&M, who are leaving. Once they're gone, do I want him with anyone on the show right now? Not really. I like Mia, but its hard to see Brady with her. I guess it's good because I don't want to watch him enough to stick around with the writing the way it is. It's just so frustrating because I know the show could be good with good writing and decent pacing.
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