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This week's SOW includes an interview with Peter Reckell about Bo's new story.

Reckell tells SOW that Bo's visions are not as clear as they were concerning Theo. Now, "He sees people, he sees orderlies, he sees a gun going off." However, Reckell says that Bo doesn't know that Hope is the one shooting the gun.

Bo tells Steve that he's having these visions. Reckell relates that Steve's reaction is "Well, that's kind of nutty and crazy, but once you get something a little more solid, let me know."

Because of the visions, Bo tries to get Hope removed from the mayor's killer case. But Hope doesn't want to be taken off of the case, and since Bo can't figure out a good reason to use as an excuse, he keeps her on. He doesn't tell her about his visions, because that would be "not a good thing", as Reckell puts it.

Then, a few days later, Steve hacks into Stefano's computer and gets information on the killer. However, Bo then has more visions. He sees Hope, Kayla, a gun, and a hospital, but overall the vision is still unclear.

Bo tells Steve about this, and Steve tells Bo that Hope and Kayla must be kept apart. Bo says this is a good idea. He tells Hope that they should spend the entire night working on the investigation. As Reckell says, "[Hope] is like, 'What's the matter with you? You are acting stupid and crazy.'" Meanwhile, Bo "thinks he's losing it." He just knows that since his visions involve something bad happening, and Hope and Kayla, he has to keep them apart.
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