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This week's SOD and SOW both include articles about the Sami/Nicole story. Ari Zucker is interviewed for both.

After Nicole overhears Sami at the convent, Nicole goes to the clinic and tells Dr. Baker that he must take any phone call he receives from a nun. However, Nicole is interrupted when Mia calls her to tell her she's in labor.

At the same time, Sami goes into labor, and Sister Theresa brings her to Dr. Baker's clinic.

Nicole goes to Mia's to help her, but Mia's labor is so far along that Nicole has to deliver the baby. "Apparently, Nicole is a midwife," Zucker, laughing, tells SOD. "She helps [Mia] deliver her baby and everything goes smoothly, no problems or complications." Zucker tells SOW that Mia doesn't want to see the baby, because Mia is having doubts about giving the baby up. But Nicole manages to convince Mia that "she's doing the right thing", and then when Mia falls asleep, Nicole brings the baby to Dr. Baker's clinic.

At the clinic, Nicole finds out Sami is in labor, but then she sees Dr. Baker rushing out of Sami's room with a newborn. The baby isn't crying, and as Zucker explains to SOW, "[Nicole] is totally worried, because this is EJ's child. Nicole wants that baby."

Thankfully, the baby does start crying, and Nicole is relieved. Dr. Baker sees that Nicole is holding a baby, and he assumes that she now has what she wants. But Nicole tells Dr. Baker that what she wants is Sami's baby. She tells him how she found out Sami was pregnant, and Zucker explains to SOD that Nicole is reasoning that "Sami wants to give up her baby anyway, why not give EJ his baby?" Zucker says that in Nicole's mind, this is about EJ; Nicole wants to give EJ this baby as a gift, because he'd be "heartbroken" if he knew his baby had died. Also, Nicole is envious of Sami, because as Zucker puts it, "[Sami] keeps having these kids and Nicole can't have one."

Dr. Baker at first is reluctant but then acquiesces and brings Mia's baby to Sami, while Nicole holds Sami's baby and "promises to love and care for her." Is Nicole thinking ahead to what's next? No. Zucker tells SOD that Nicole's plans have worked so far, and Nicole "isn't thinking big picture at all". And as she tells SOW, "Nicole knows everything is going to be perfect - as long as EJ buys it and doesn't notice the baby looks like Sami."

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