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It's the same concept as the other soaps, but I would never compare this baby switch storyline to any of the other baby switch storylines in daytime history. This storyline has been horribly written. Nothing seems to have long-term standings or effects. Other baby switch storylines had me on the edge of my seat, particularly OLTL's recent take on the story concept. Are some things predictable? Yes, but the writers have molded different plots and points that are going to come together later on. I feel like this storyline is being written as they go. Higley gave the breakdown writers a task, "Nicole and Sami are both pregnant and Nicole will lose her baby and get Sami's," and then just tells the writers to write the storyline. That's not how you write a show as the head writer. And we've been told that this is how she does her job from a writer who worked under her at OLTL. And you can tell that's what's going on because flowing as they should.

They really had me with this storyline. I was liking it. Yes, the concept of a baby switch is tired, but so is every other storyline in daytime. It's your job as a writer to use that soap staple and make it unique with the characters that you have involved. If you do that, it'll run smoothly. Unforunately, they have officially lost me with this storyline. I'm over it.

I mean, what the hell is Nicole's motivation? Yes, the baby is EJ's, but she is also Sami's baby. Nicole hates Sami. Why in the hell would she want to raise her enemies child? That's stupid. She keeps saying that she hates being reminded about EJ's past with Sami and the love he had (and probably still has) for Sami, yet she's going to raise a baby, that will always remind her of Sami? STUPID!
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