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Viewing Single Post From: SOD and SOW: Sami 'delivers' for Nicole!
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Jan 21 2009, 12:17 PM
Jan 21 2009, 12:02 PM
This is Nicole at her worst! She doesn't care about the babies - all she cares about is keeping EJ!
That's just the thing. Instead of actually writing for Nicole as a unique character, and doing things in a way that would make sense to her background, they go the usual route and have the woman do all of these crazy things because if she doesn't, she'll lose the man. How tired is that?

Nicole is a character that couldn't have children and then by some miracle became pregnant. When she lost the baby, yes, she wanted to keep the secret going, yes because she wanted to hold onto EJ, but also because she still wanted that family with him, the thought of a family. That was still part of her motiation.

Not anymore. This is now all about EJ, and the fact that she's going to take Sami's baby (her enemy) over Mia's proves that. This is only about EJ and Nicole not losing him. Fuck the fact that she lost her baby. That's just an afterthought now.

And that's why this storyline officially sucks ass.
Exactly! It makes it less and less about wanting and needing to be a mother - she begged Mia for her baby because she lost her baby girl and she needed to fill a void in her heart and now even after delivering Mia's baby herself, being with that baby for a bit she almost immediately when the opportunity presents itself wants to switch babies???? so much for that promise to Mia to love her baby like it was her own - Mia's baby just wasn't good enough! With so many people knowing about this my guess is Nicole is going to become so paranoid that she may get even more desperate.
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