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Jan 21 2009, 12:17 PM
Nicole is a character that couldn't have children and then by some miracle became pregnant. When she lost the baby, yes, she wanted to keep the secret going, yes because she wanted to hold onto EJ, but also because she still wanted that family with him, the thought of a family. That was still part of her motiation.

Not anymore. This is now all about EJ, and the fact that she's going to take Sami's baby (her enemy) over Mia's proves that. This is only about EJ and Nicole not losing him. Fuck the fact that she lost her baby. That's just an afterthought now.
If her goal were holding on to EJ, it would be far less risky to adopt Mia's baby and let Sami give hers away to some random family. In Nicole's mind, giving EJ his biological child is her way of redeeming herself for the miscarriage. IMO, the fact that this motivation outweighs her hatred of Sami is actually a twisted kind of character development for Nicole.

Thanks, Ellie!
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