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Jan 21 2009, 12:27 PM
Jan 21 2009, 12:17 PM
Nicole is a character that couldn't have children and then by some miracle became pregnant. When she lost the baby, yes, she wanted to keep the secret going, yes because she wanted to hold onto EJ, but also because she still wanted that family with him, the thought of a family. That was still part of her motiation.

Not anymore. This is now all about EJ, and the fact that she's going to take Sami's baby (her enemy) over Mia's proves that. This is only about EJ and Nicole not losing him. Fuck the fact that she lost her baby. That's just an afterthought now.
If her goal were holding on to EJ, it would be far less risky to adopt Mia's baby and let Sami give hers away to some random family. In Nicole's mind, giving EJ his biological child is her way of redeeming herself for the miscarriage. IMO, the fact that this motivation outweighs her hatred of Sami is actually a twisted kind of character development for Nicole.

Thanks, Ellie!
I agree, Ponz.

Nicole had no intentions of doing this but now that the opportunity has arose to give EJ a child that is truly HIS, she's taking it as a way of sort of making it up to him. She lost his baby and now she can give him a baby that is actually his that Sami was going to hide from him. I can totally understand her mindset and motivation. At the very least, she sees herself as saving EJ and the baby from being kept apart. She's putting these sentiments ahead of her hatred of Sami and I'm sure there is a little revenge in it for her too. I mean, I think she also sees it as a preventive strike too as if EJ knew about that baby and knew that Nicole lost her's, he would likely turn back toward Sami so Nicole probably sees that as nipping this in the bud early on. Not to mention a parternity test will show EJ as the father if one happens down the road so that helps too.

Yes, this is definitely predictable and tired but, as Drew pointed out, so many soap stories are. I won't argue that the pacing and execution has not always been the greatest, particularly in the last few weeks, which is why I feel Higley needs to go. There have been contrivances and liberties taken but my belief is that stories like these always have to have things like that to work. This is why I almost prefer not to tell stories like this because of that reasoning. However, I think the payoff will be worth it and I think now that the story is reaching a different level it will be interesting yet again after a few weeks of sort of running in place at times.

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