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I can't believe some think that they would actually go there with Daniel and Kayla. I get that people expect things like that from Dena and all but there is no way they would do that with the way they are trying to sell Chloe and Daniel as "destined lovers." Just because two people interact does not mean it's going anywhere like that. It's the hospital. They will interact, especially in this context. I remember when Daniel and Kayla shared scenes last year and the same fear was brought up. It's not happening and I think the show isn't that dumb. I do wish they would've had Kayla have a past lover from LA but that was a story that should've been done when she first returned and we are beyond that now.

These sound good. Glad the killer stuff is wrapping and it seems Ali will be gone for a bit. I bet they just move her to another safehouse with her baby and maybe Rafe and we just don't see them for awhile. Or maybe Rafe goes to S Salem to find out the killer's employer. Something like that.

Glad things are picking up. Can't wait and glad we get more Victor and Kate. I've really enjoyed the surge in Kate's airtime. Chloe singing should be nice too. I was thinking it may be something to do with Valentine's Day but I'm not sure of when this stuff will air so we'll see.
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