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Jan 21 2009, 12:51 PM
Jan 21 2009, 12:46 PM
The Mia angle, I believe, is there for two reasons, One, to give Sami a baby because I really don't think they wanted to play Sami thinking her baby died or was kidnapped, especially with Ali pregnant. Two, so that Mia can bring the big reveal along down the road. I think Mia is the Susan in all this. She won't go away.
But Susan was actually involved. Her baby ended up where it was intended from the start. With Mia, it's like, "Hey... let's have Nicole almost take her baby, but not really." It ends up feeling sort of pointless. I mean, I can see what they could be planning to do with her in the future, but as for right now, her involvement seems like just one too many pointless flies in the ointment. As usual, the execution is muddy and confusing like most Higley stories, LoL.
Oh, I can agree with that.

As I said, the execution and pacing has been horrible basically since around Christmas. It's part of the reason I feel Higley is bringing the show down. She set the story up well by some miracle but as we got into the meat of it, things started being pieced together rather then coming together nicely. I think from this point on, it will be better because I think there is very little that can be done to screw it up until we get to the reveal. I really hope she is gone before then because I fear she will screw the reveal up royally.

I also think my fondness for Mia and my desire for a story with repercussions like this one will have is what got me through the past few weeks.
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