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I like the story. I donīt watch any other soaps so I donīt know how different were the babyswitches there, but I think this is a great combination of Kristenīs fake pregnancy and Zack/the other guy babyswitch. I think Ari did a wonderfull job and while the story is clearly plotdriven and sometimes goes in circles, I think they never went overboard with it and we still can relate to Nicol and her pain.

Yes, she is slowly descending back to the old Nicol and this latest development will not help, but I donīt see any problem with her switching the babies. She has everything planned and is already seeing her and EJ living this happily ever after life when Chloe totally burst her bubble with the news about Sami. Itīs not just about giving EJ his own baby, but Sami not having his baby as well. Nicol even says it tomorrow, she doesnīt believe Sami will really give up the baby forever, she knows soon or later Sami will want to use the baby to win EJ back.
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