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Jan 21 2009, 12:54 PM
Jan 21 2009, 12:51 PM
I get that people expect things like that from Dena and all but there is no way they would do that with the way they are trying to sell Chloe and Daniel as "destined lovers."
I thought you said that you didn't think they were actually playing Daniel and Chloe as a serious couple? Didn't you say that you thought they were being written badly on purpose for the camp factor? Or something like that? LoL
Yes but I still think they are trying to sell them.

I mean, the theme and the montage...come on LOL. The dialogue is what is so over the top and I really think they did that because it suits SC and NB's acting. I think they took the campy route to make it more interesting because they know many are not in love with the Daniel character so they needed to compensate. I think they felt even those that hate it would be entertained by this aspect.

Having said that, after seeing today's episode and the last parts of their last episode last Wednesday, they did play it a bit more serious so who knows what is going on. The dialogue was pure shit for the first two weeks of 2009 (which shocks me considering Culliton and Sherill were handling most of it) so maybe all the over the top stuff was just a mirage. I still think they will end up sticking with the camp factor though.
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