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Jan 21 2009, 02:29 PM
I just saw the previews where Nicole daydreams about bashing a very pregnant Sami with a large statue of Mary ... it's disturbing! Daydreaming about using a statue of Mary to kill Sami who is carrying EJ baby is NUTS!

I suppose Nicole and Ejole fans will spin it by saying at least she was just daydreaming and didn't actually do it!
Do we really have to drag comments about fans into this? If anything, I notice a lot of Nicole fans very disgusted and disappointed in the turn of these things, although a lot of them predicted this. And I personally think this daydream is horrid. I am able to discern between Nicole the character and Ari the actor. And right now, I'm really getting tired of Nicole the character. But, I still wouldn't mind Sami off-camera. Just not dead.

I'm just sorry that my favorite characters are becoming less and less enjoyable. Even Ari's acting, as good as it is, isn't making this any better, ever since I read the whole spoiler about the Sami baby. It was nice while it lasted. However, I'm still going to see how it plays out, since spoilers don't tell the whole story. I'm going to try to make it a habit of not bashing spoilers and assuming.
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