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Viewing Single Post From: SOD and SOW: Sami 'delivers' for Nicole!

This whole round of spoilers and the last few months of Days, ever since Ed Scott left, have been horrible. I remember Tom Casiello trying to play it all respectful and shit, saying that Dena's good but yadda yadda. That's bullshit. Dena Higley fucking sucks. Having execs that are boobs can be a detriment, but half the soaps out there manage to work their way around it enough so that they can make the show entertaining. Y&R, GH, and apparently B&B and OLTL. They all have dipshit execs in their way, yet from what I can tell they're able to make a decent show. Y&R especially.

This chick needs to be fired, as does that Gary Tomlin fellow. Someone kinda laughed it off when I said somewhere after he'd been hired that him and Dena need to be kicked, but fuckin' A. Look at the show now. It was getting so good in August with Stefano's return, Melanie was actually promising, you had some fresh couples there. I mean, Phil/Morgan was working and had promise. Nick/Chelsea/Melanie triangle had a ton of potential. And bringing Melanie in could have added an extra boost and some dissension to the Steph/Max coupling. John/Stefano looked to be good, and there was some shit they did with Baby Joe Johnson that looked like it might give Steve and Kayla a front burner story.

And now, months later, what of it? Nothing. No Stefano versus John, multiple bed switching, Nick the Psycho, Passions leftovers brought on board, etc.
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