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Jan 21 2009, 09:42 PM
As for the dream...yeah its bad..for Catholics who dont want Sami as a representative or their faith! I thought when she went inside that church she was going to burn!

This SL sucks for everyone involved and it didnt have to be that way because A) the writers sucky planning and B) AS convincing TIIC to write her pregnancy in!
LOL! If only she had caught fire, then it might have been a bit interesting.

None of the stories have to be this sucky. It's beyond incredibly bad writing.

All I can think of is how different things might have been if Nicole had been allowed to have this miracle child and kept her self-esteem. I'd have liked to have seen her raise the baby on her own, maybe with some friendly help from John and/or Brady, without Vic's or Ej's money. She could have allowed Ej in her life as the babies father but refused to be a second choice, then we could have seen her struggle with being pregnant, trying to make rent honestly, making a better life for herself and her baby. It could have been nice to see them actually growing together, or see Brady helping her and them growing together. Still a triangle that the writer's love so much, but a nice triangle with all three being decent. But it takes talent to write a story about the plain old 'Days of our Lives' and make it interesting. We need miscarriages and baby swaps.

I love Nicole snarky and evil, but there is literally no young woman to root for in this show, and Ari is the only young person I've enjoyed watching up till now. Chloe's a tramp, Sami's a two year old, Melanie's obnoxious, Stephanie is suffocating, who else is there? I'm actually starting to like the idea of Lucas and Ej getting together. (I kid).

I also think this story would have been better had Nicole fessed up to Ej and they consoled each other over the loss. Suppose they tried to help out Mia, whom Nicole had befriended at the clinic, and (Ok, while I would hate it), Mia died giving birth, Nicole and Ej agree to take care of her baby on her deathbed, and the babies got swapped by accident. Ej and Nicole get attached, later something makes Sami realizes she has the wrong baby. Imagine the angst of all three if they realize the truth. Ej would be hurt that Sami betrayed him, but the child is his and Sami's. Nicole loved the baby as her own, and in love with Ej. Sami upset. Ick! I squicked myself. I can hear Sami yelling now. Never mind.

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