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Actually...I think this story could still come out alright.

It really depends on how they play EJ, imho, because his backstory gives them a different spin. As you all noted, this thing so far isn't very creative or new, and it's not good enough to be an enjoyable rehash. But, he was kind of created solely because some woman needed a kid to trick a man she wanted. His reaction to this could really flesh out his character, explore his feelings about Susan, his origins, his relationship with the Dimeras, and make it somewhat different. It also could be interesting with him and Nicole- she's Kristen, but she got him his kid back.

It also kind of turns on what they do with Sami. If they pull some Sami-as-victim/heroine bullshit with her desperately searching for the real mother of the kid she winds up with as she bonds with Rafe I may vomit, because Sweeney can't pull that off. If they somehow pin this on Sami and screw with her for awhile it could be fun, provided they use it to turn her back into the super-bitch I really miss and, again, avoid this victim-heroine crap.

They won't do shit with it, I'm sure, but the potential is at least there.
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