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Jan 21 2009, 11:16 PM
I'm surprisd Sweeney's only taking 2 weeks off. When she had Ben, she was off from February until May or June.

I am a little upset we don't get to see a final Marlena and Sami scene. :(
Same here but I knew the minute they were fired there would be no way with Ali giving birth around this time. They could've thrown in a phone call though.

I just ADORE Ari. For me, she is the reason the baby story has worked most of the time and I figured she was happy with it and the writers for giving it to her. I, too, am surprised with how well they have handled her character. I just think everyone behind the scenes likes her and that is why she ended up being one of the characters that still maintained direction through the turmoil last year. I've sensed that. The show always seems to try to take care of the character. That's just the way I see it, anyway.

I also agree with the way she explained Nicole's motivations. She's grown into a fantastic actress IMO. I so wish she got more comedy and maybe after this she will. I just don't want her to be a cartoon like she was under JER. I figured Bryan would be who suggested this as soon as she mentioned it. I would love to see how she does on that show and I wonder how many from Days will come out. Should be fun.

I knew she took acting classes too. It shows. Ali and her seem fine and she seems to want to work more with her. Hopefully, this adds even more fuel to their feud. I can't wait until Sami and Rafe get to interact with others in Salem. Now that should be fun. I'm not shocked Ali is only taking two weeks. I figured as much. I think the difference this time is TBL and she will be able to bring her baby to the studio most likely so she should be ok.

I agree with her in that soaps have to try new things but that is not the reason for all the pairings. That was because of all the backstage BS last year. Since Tomlin, the stories at least have direction and the show has settled on it's couples and love interests. The writing may not be always there but at least they have settled that much down after all the vision clashing last year. I didn't expect her to say that though.

Not surprised she and Eric get along. You can sense they are at ease with each other.

And this is the first interview in ages that we heard no mention of Kyle Lowder. She usually always mentions him so I wonder if the rumors are true. Just an interesting observation, especially since she seems to be all about work now. She seems to be ok with working a ton, which I expected. She seems to be unfazed by all this airtime.
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