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Jan 22 2009, 03:33 AM
My question is, why were they fired instead of Steve and Mary Beth? What recently storyline has Patch and Kayla had? At least Jarlena were the frontburner story.
That´s incomparable.

Drake was one the show for 22 years and he was a lead during Reilly´s first time when I´m sure his and Dee´s pay really skyrocketed. And Dee came back in 1991 with a very exclusive contract to begin with, her and Wayne Northtrop´s return was Corday´s first ever attempt to bust ratings by bringing back someone popular from past and he fulfilled every wish they´d had including the exclusive position in the credits.

MBE and SN returned after 15 or so years absence when the show already had much smaller budget. And both were already past their prime and hoping to be asked so I think they happily accepted any offer they´ve got.

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