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SN and MBE definitely were the most expendable but they were not the most expensive and I do think there were other factors too. I think they just had no clue what they were doing with them. The story had started, stopped, and changed so much in 2008 that it watered down so much potential. That has been the case with Days for over a decade now. Too much upheaval and change. One of the things that made things click in the 80's and 90's was solid leadership and consistency in vision. Sure, there would be some clashing but issues like that were never made apparent onscreen. Now it's so blatant it's appalling. This goes for many other soaps too.

It's no coincidence that OLTL and Y&R are the best right now and that is simply because they have strong leadership and maintain a consistent vision. There doesn't seem to be much interference right now. I'm convinced both the anniversary and Frons fucked with so much of Ron's writing in the summer and early Fall but it seems his vision is getting onscreen now. You can always tell when a writer is getting their vision across. I remember that happened with JER too. You could always sense his presence in stories and many times during his second Days run, I didn't feel that. It didn't feel like him at times. There will always be interference and clashing but the idea is to not let it affect what ends up onscreen. The idea is to compromise and maintain the vision at hand or end the regime and assemble a team that can maintain one vision.
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