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Jan 22 2009, 05:49 PM
On the SN & MBE versus the DHs, I think you have to also lump in PR & KA into the 'budget' equation behind this asinine decision. All speculation and my opinion of course but of the three vet couples, the largest fan bases go to B&H and J&M - mostly due to their longevity with the show. Yes Steve and Kayla had a huge fan base back in the day, but the botched up return didn't draw back in everyone.

Of who has the highest salaries, likely by far it is the DHs. And of age, of both actors as a couple, again it'd go to the DHs (I think Drake is younger than SN but I mean as a couple). So in terms of which vet couple do you eliminate? It would seem, the oldest and most expensive. Then, they can force P&K to take a pay cut and keep a large fan base with actors that are young enough to carry on for a few more years yet.

(keep in mind I don't think age should even enter this equation - but you often hear it as an issue about why we don't get more love scenes between the older couples. I myself prefer it to the so called 'love' I see among the 'younger' set they like to show!)

I can see the rationale and how it works on paper enough for them to make the decision. I don't like it. I don't agree with it and I really hate how they went about it.
Seems to me they should not have gotten rid of D&D because they were the oldest and most expensive. You should keep them because of their popularity. Considering the show is limping toward cancellation they should have banked on keeping the stuff that works, ask the DH's to take pay cuts, and get rid of the characters that are not popular.
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