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Jan 23 2009, 12:14 AM
Jan 23 2009, 12:09 AM
I'm assuming Will may return angry at Lucas and/or Sami. Perhaps he comes across Chloe's affair and Nicole's baby scam and chooses not to say anything because he is pissed. He could find out about Nicole by way of meeting Mia and they could bond over Mia's issues. Even if Will is not out to pay back his parents, he may like Mia and choose not to say anything for that reason or he may choose to help Mia and come across the fact that Nicole switched the babies should Mia not know that fact.

I just see Will being woven into both stories in some form and I'm hoping they make him a troublemaker. He needs to have a edge. Ideally, I would love it if he had that edge but also showed vulnerability and they could show that through him interacting with Mia.
I can see Will learning about the switch and wanting to conceal it. He doesn't like EJ and the last I recall, he was still supportive of his father. I know it's been speculated before that Will might have been the real shooter, but I kind of doubt that will actually turn out to be the case at this late date. But it wouldn't surprise me to have Will prefer to keep the truth hidden. Similarly to how Sami was with Belle, he won't like the paternity of his half-sister.

As for Will shooting EJ, I think that was the plan. I really do but something changed. They decided to take Bryan off for a few months instead so they wrote him out by making him the killer. I'm convinced Will was the shooter. The signs were there, especially finding what Bo and Roman found in that building nearby. They found snacks a teen would eat and beer. They also made mention of how whoever was there seemed to be taking target practice and seemed to be a amateur. It fit perfectly.
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