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Jan 22 2009, 11:38 PM
I'm not happy that Drake and Deidre were released, but if they were making 1.3 million per episode, that would be a huge drain on a financially troubled show. Is that figure correct or did I read it wrong? Maybe I did. And is that each of them, or just Deidre? Or a combined total?

Stephen and Mary Beth are not as highly paid as that...They couldn't be, and considering how long they were gone, S/K do have a good size fanbase. I mean, it's actually pretty remarkable when you consider that the characters were gone for 16 years.
1.3 a year, not per episode.
Susan Lucci reportedly makes around this same figure if not a little more. This would match most vets of their stature like Susan Lucci, Eric Braeden, Erika Slezak, Melody Thomas Scott, etc.

Newbies make around $250,000 per year. Mary Beth and Stephen are likely in the middle somewhere at around $500K or $600K. The comparisons of MB and SN salaries to the DH's are not fair as one who is at a job longterm receives increases in salary annually based upon their experience and stature at that show, while people who take breaks in acting gigs are not really steadily moving up in the salary ranks.

This would be similar to a teacher who takes ten years off to raise her family and then returns to teaching. Her colleagues that have continued to work that ten years may be making $55K while the returning teacher will get $40K because they have not taught in 10 years. That really is how salaries in most professions work, whether in entertainment or other fields.
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