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Goodbye, John and Marlena

Ever since John came back from the "dead," he hasn't quite been the same; he returned without his memories, just a shell of his former self. Marlena tried to stand by his side, but he certainly didn't make it easy. He kept on pushing her away (he even had an affair with Ava, Steve's ex), and didn't seem to have any interest in trying to recover his memories. But there was a part of him that still seemed to want a connection with his former life.

Eventually, John agreed to therapy with Marlena's mentor; unfortunately, he got the mentor's daughter, Charlotte, instead. The mentor had passed away. And it appeared that Charlotte wanted John for herself. She even hid the fact that, under hypnosis, he did remember details about Marlena. And when the truth came out about her, well, she went on the attack. She tried to plunge a syringe full of toxin into Marlena's neck, but John got in the way. He got the injection and it looked like it might kill him. Marlena stayed by his side, telling him all about the life they'd shared and finally (finally) he regained consciousness. And he remembered everything. Marlena got back the John that she loves so much almost. Unfortunately, he remained paralyzed and the best treatment option was in Belgium. So John and Marlena left on their latest adventure.

Click through our photo gallery for a short look at John and Marlena's long history.

Photo gallery

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