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Jan 23 2009, 11:31 PM
Thanks, Angie, for always putting these up for us!
The best part of this promo is the picture of EJ in the beginning!
The rest...I have given up hope on it being entertaining...just makes me roll my eyes! I am just happy dual pregnancies is almost over with...let the games begin!
My only concern now is how (or if) they are going to salvage Nicole's character. This is too much even for her. Well, then again, I guess anyone who infects someone with a flesh-eating bacteria.......

The thing is, Ari and James Scott initially had such a great dynamic. Ari was doing well with having romance for Nicole. I hope somehow, they match her up again. This again, is too much like Sami, who never won at love. Maybe that's why I quit having a soft spot in my heart for Sami (along with the shrieking, non-ending crying, and glitterfication). In the past, she was someone my heart went out to, despite her machinations. I could see WHY she was desperate. I can see that with Nicole, too. I am not CONDONING her actions (although I'm bracing myself for people telling me I'm coming up with excuses). I can see why she's doing it. Just like I could see Sami with the Stan thing. Rejected in love and not knowing HOW to truly find love, feeling rejected by mom, all that good stuff would make revenge very tempting. And, yeah, I guess I'm a Lumi fan at heart. There, I said it. Possibly because both Lucas and Sami had difficulty sustaining any relationship, and deep down, are best friends. Written correctly, they could have really been best friend spouses, but.....written correctly is the operative word. Actually, Ali and James had a great dynamic too, at the beginning. It got ruined by too much for me, on screen and, to be blunt, off screen too. I liked how EJ was Rhett like in seeing Sami (Scarlett's) flaws and not giving a damn. But, of course, that has soured for me now. Just like EJ is being soured for me now by doting a little TOO much on Nicole. I suppose that's to set him up for the heartbreak and the dark EJ coming out again. But, he better get pissed at both women. That's all I can say. If Sami becomes the new Marlena, above the fray, I might throw something. (Now, I'm dodging more bullets!)

I really loved Sami and Nicole as frenemies. They have an awesome dynamic. Well, I guess if Nicole and Chloe could end up being best friends, anything can happen.
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