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Dr. Baker bursts into the DiMera mansion to demand money for his part in Nicole's scheme. She gives him a vase off the mantle. Money is never mentioned again. Nuns are stupid, gullible fools.
Sorry, but I don' think Rabbis would be portrayed the same.
Stephano almost has a heartattack and is overcome with grief when he finds out that John has been attacked and is paralyzed. huh?
Roman and Marlena have lost complete interest in their daughter's safety. Also, Belle and Claire who?
Nicole tells E.J. that she must go to Chicago to give advice to unwed teenage mothers and he believes her. O.K. stop laughing.
After Sammi begs Lucas not to tell anyone, under any circumstances, to give away her location because someone is trying to kill her, he tells chloe the min. he sees her.
Lucas is thinking about moving out of state with the baby. Not a judge in the world. In fact, her children would be alowed to stay with her and either E.J. or Lucas could chose to go with her if they chose. You don't lose your kids because you are in the federal witness program.
I could go on and on about the sloppy writing, but one thing brightened my day. Kayla admitted that Salem Hospital was a shitty hospital and he needed to be airlifted to Sweden (those clever Swedes!) in order to have any hope of a cure. Knowing Dana she will drag out this baby switch until the kids arre ten years old. Nicole will never get what is coming to her, and the only character left with a brain is Victor. This is so sad. I can't believe I will never see Marlena again.
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