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Thanks for posting the clip, Angie! I'm so glad these babies are being born and we can finally move this story along. I don't know how I'm feeling about Nicole right now. Yes, I can understand she's desperate and has had a rough life with no real love (except Eric--she sure screwed that up!) and feels life has treated her unfairly, but now she's stealing a baby. The lying and subterfuge were bad, but this crosses a line...THE line, beyond which I can't make excuses for her any more. She may be sealing her own fate with EJ because when the truth comes out, Sami and EJ will be united in their outrage and fury at her. Sami's deception about her pregnancy will most likely pale in comparison to having her baby stolen and although I think it should be dealt with, she's going to be seen as the victim here, along with EJ. It's wrong and I'm going to hate it, but I can see it coming...Sami's going to be forgiven and Nicole vilified.
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