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Grandpa Hughes
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Jan 24 2009, 12:42 PM
So, lovlies....you wanna know what has been happening on this boat trip? Well, if you are not here, you are missing out!

There are some things even Nelson Branco doesn't know about but I do....only because I stayed up later than I should have and gotten plastered....but that is beside the point.

So, rumor has it someone on that list may not get invited back to Soap Cruise 2010 because they are tired of their antics....who is it? HMMM, I'll never tell....unless you pay me.

There is some news that is juicy, but I cannot tell it now because I was sworn to secrecy....the price I pay to be a journalistic host!

Jacob Young is a vicious party animal! OMG....drunk as a skunk and still was able to break it down on the dance floor. ALL the chicks were wondering if I knew him, and he said yes.....well GODDAMN!

Lucky and Liz back together and Jason and Sam reunion? GAG!

I got hit on by one of the soap mates.....and it was fun...who was it? Only Kirk knows that one. Plus, they all asked am I on a soap, b/c I have the soap look w/ a smile to boot. I MUST be hott!

And this is only DAY 3 PEOPLE! Ricky Paull Goldin shows up tonight with his own special dance party event, so you know I will be there for that!

Bradford, Christian, and Austin...by far....are the two most funniest people on board...and a fight was about to ensue between two stars on the first day. DAYS, anyone?

They are starting to promote the Soap Opera Mania Tour, so I will be back to talk a little about that on here and on BuzzWorthy Radio.

That's it for now....for more details on the Soap Cruise 2009, be sure to listen to BuzzWorthy Radio when I return!

Oh..by the way....here is a tidbit of what is to come in Soap Cruise 2010.....20 stars....two new faces are in the works of going...Carly and EJ anyone?
Well weren't you SORT OF on a soap? Weren't you one of the people featured daily at the end of GL every day about "finding your light"? I thought I remembered someone posting that you were in there somewhere. Have an awesome time! It sounds like you already are!
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