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Jan 24 2009, 10:47 PM
Jan 24 2009, 04:41 PM
Stephanie making love with Phillip I can live with. I like their relationship.

Bo and Kayla stuff sounds awesome! I have always adored their brother/sister bond.
I do, too. I think they have this cute dynamic going on. They're going to be one of those couples that has what I might call muted chemistry and some see it and some don't. It's not glaring, it's not in your face, not obvious, but nicely understated, and for me, enjoyable.

I'm still really intrigued with the Bo, Kayla, et al storyline, even with the visions (which I just tend to ignore).
The chemistry I see between the two is a great friendship chemistry that they're going to step all over and ruin it by sleeping together. But that's just me. I see I'm in the minority, as usual. It's just too run of the mill for my tastes. I don't hate it like I hate mint chocolate chip but I don't love it like I love Death by Chocolate, either. It's more like plain old vanilla.

I don't even mind the Bo with psychic visions. I am a fan of Medium and this might run in the same vein. Not that I have that much faith in Ms. Higley.
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