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Jan 25 2009, 04:44 PM
Everyone is talking about the future cancellation of Guiding Light. “The writing is on the wall,” opined one actor. “And they deserve to be cancelled. They screwed up, big time.”
Now as a fan of GL, I agree that they screwed up but to wish it canceled? Don't think so. I don't know who is the actor(I would be very surprise if it was Murray Bartlett), but lets hope that his soap is not the next one to be cancelled. Because there will be other ones once GL is gone...
On one hand I have soft spot for GL, and it looks like it could eb getting better, but they need to get Ellen Wheeler out of there, pronto! On the other hand, my destructive side would love to see it cancelled to see if soaps would really then start to be taken off the air left and right.
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