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Exactly Jinxie.
That is how I thought it would play out too...and Nicole wouldn't have been trashed, and no baby would be dumped...can't stand the way Days uses infants as disposable plot points.

Right now, I have zero sympathy for Nicole, EJ and Sami...and even Rafe.
I feel Nicole is being ruined...or at least her excuse to desperately want a child is being ruined. Just awful. We started out with so much potential and so much chemistry between AZ and JS...and this is being wasted.

Sami is being ruined by this totally stupid reason to keep a baby from EJ. The reason doesn't hold water at all. Who came up with this shit?

And EJ...don't want to even go there. No matter if he is totally in love with Nicole, he should sense something is wrong from every angle.

I am so over being so disappointed in how this is all turning out. I have been hesitant to give Dena shit because we have been promised "twists and turns" in this A story, but so far, Dena, like Ken C, is a big, fat liar!...and a piss poor storyteller.

This story makes me sick and I am mad as hell that I have given up on it when I was so excited for it!!!
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