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Thanks for posting ...

Why is it that Bo/Hope and Steve/Kayla are joined at the hip? Last year they were joined at the hip for the Ireland s/l, Bo's Illness and the Ava storyline...
The four of them work extremely well together. They have great friendship chemistry, and Peter and Mary Beth have an awesome sibling chemistry. At least, it seems that way based on comments I read on boards. It certainly seems that way to me. And, what angst (if it could only be written that way) to have Hope accidentally shoot her sister-in-law and one of her best friends?
I love Mary Beth and Peter together as brother and sister. Sometimes they almost have too much chemistry - lol. Anyway, I thought about this when I was at another site and saw this quote from 10 years after MBE had left Days:
Peter Reckell (Bo Brady, Days) is asked, "Is there anyone else that you would like to come back to the show? "
"Kayla - my sister, Kayla. I miss her... Mary Beth is such a wonderful actress, and a fun spirit. We always had an interesting time on the set."
-December 8, 2002, Online Soap Chat Awards

I think they really do work so well together. Mary Beth has also mentioned that Kristian is the female she is closest to on the set. And I know others have mentioned how they see a lot of chemistry between Kristian and Stephen.

There is a natural closeness in the scenes between the four of them that make them enjoyable to watch - even if they are just hanging out together.
I agree, I have always felt that Bo and Hope and Steve and Kayla had the real "connection," as friends due to their past history. When Bo and Hope would hang with John and Marlena it always felt forced to me; Marlena was old enough to be Hope's mom
Yes, totally agree with you there. Marlena was good friends with Maggie and Julie, people her own age.

Hope was friends with Melissa and Jen and Kayla. Just because they are both supercouples doesn't you mean you force them together.
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