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^I don't think so. I think Melanie will be the "Sami" in their story.

Nevertheless, I did not want them to have sex this early but I have this feeling it happens because Kayla was shot and Philip is comforting Stephanie and one thing leads to another, which is fine IMO. It's all about the execution.

These sound good. I just hope Days remembered that February is not sweeps this year LOL. March is. These sound like sweeps spoilers in a way.

I'm intrigued too by the Bo/Kayla stuff. I wonder if it's Bo or Hope who shoots her. I was excited about Hope doing it but if it's Bo, talk about drama. I'm sure what happens is the killer attacks Kayla, Daniel comes in and saves her, the killer runs off, Bo and Hope are in hot pursuit, Kayla somehow gets in the way and gets shot instead of the killer. That has to be how it goes down based on what we know.
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