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Thanks gwennie! It's true that this is typical of Days when it comes to sending off characters. I guess people are just shocked that they treated their biggest supercouple this way as well.
I'm not surprised. But then again, I don't think J&M are all that and a bag of chips anymore. After all, JER wrote Alice's supposed demise with a poison doughnut. Now THAT was harsh!
And hit Maggie over the head with a wine bottle. Now those were originally supposed to be their supposed deaths for ever. Don't recall anyone bitching and moaning as much about those write-offs as they are now. And Alice is the true heart and soul of DAYS.

It's time to say good-bye and get on with the living.
Back then, Sprite, the disgusting thing is people were actually CHEERING these deaths... all the while not realizing that Days as they knew it was ceasing to exist and would be much worse without all these vets.

And with that I'll stop. The Stalker story still gets me so worked up I get pissed about it. And it's been four years. lol
I feel like I'm crazy. I remember the stalker killings and hated them. I hated one of my favorite characters killing Doug, Maggie, Roman, Tony, the characters I loved (yes, I even liked Roman then because he was with Kate). The scene with Alice just killed me. I was praying John, Bo, anyone would get there to save Alice. That scene, all those scenes, just hurt. I wasn't online then, but I can't imagine anyone cheering this on. I still hate that s/l to this day, and I'm generally fairly forgiving of storylines.

I could have sworn there was tremendous backlash from them killing off Alice.

I've hated many sendoffs through the years. I STILL hate Kim and Shane not getting reunited and at least sent off together. I don't understand why the fact that there have been other bad stories make this one any less painful?

This article spoke volumes to me. Not just because John and Marlena are gone and got a terrible send-off, but because the show that used to be about love and relationships, friends and family isn't anymore, at least not to me.

I really appreciate the kind sympathetic thoughts and words from fans that weren't J&M fans. I've always felt Days was an ensemble show. I wouldn't have enjoyed John and Marlena as much over the years if it weren't for characters like Alice, Caroline, Shawn, Kim, Kayla, Bo, Abe, Lexie, Maggie, Mickey, Mike, Jennifer, Anna, Calliope (I just loved her), Vivian, Vic, etc. There have been great actors/characters on this show over the years, and I'm thankful for the great memories I have. There's still a lot more I wanted to see, but there probably always would be.

I've come to terms with the show I love being gone, but I do wish the best for those remaining.

I think maybe the saddest thing for me these days, is I just am truly not able to watch any soap anymore for pure enjoyment. I'm not sure if it's just because I know too much about what goes on backstage or if I have just seen every story and there isn't anything new. I certainly love the genre, but there isn't anything
that captures my imagination or heart anymore. I enjoy certain scenes and performances, and enjoy a show when I think it is moving in the right direction or the direction it needs to go in to survive. So, while I understand how much John and Marlena have meant to the show (and truly, they WERE the stars of the show during the 90's, when the ratings were at their best), I guess I just understand writing off the characters will be saving lots of money for the show. But that all being said, their exit could have been dynamic, and set up future story for so many other characters. John and Marlena couldn't even have goodbye scenes with Bo and Hope, Maggie, Caroline, and others? Did Marlena have to act as if she couldn't care less that Sami was in witness protection and that she couldn't say goodbye to her daughter? These are some of the things I just don't get.
I'm with you on this.

I've said this before but being on the boards and online really hurt my soap viewing, so much so that I eventually just decided to stop looking at everything through a critical eye. I had learned so much and knew too much. It was not only ruining my soap viewing but my TV and film viewing as well. You just start picking things apart left and right so I, eventually, just told myself to just watch for entertainment. That is what I do know. I try to find something to hold on to and entertain me on each show or in each film. If I can't find one thing, then I will have to quit watching or just not see the film. Times change. Shows change. I've been through it before. The only difference is the quality was better. Now, it's declined obviously. That doesn't mean I can't find anything to enjoy though. In all honesty, if I looked at things the way that I used to about 5 years ago, I wouldn't be watching or seeing much of anything LOL. I believe the whole industry has dropped off quality-wise, overall.

Days does deserve this article though. That was deplorable and I really hope the mags or someone manages to get some sort of comment from Days on this. We will probably get something from a spokesperson, if anything, but they have to be seeing this and, knowing Corday, he's got to be panicking already.
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