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Jan 26 2009, 04:13 PM
^I don't think so. I think Melanie will be the "Sami" in their story.

Nevertheless, I did not want them to have sex this early but I have this feeling it happens because Kayla was shot and Philip is comforting Stephanie and one thing leads to another, which is fine IMO. It's all about the execution.

While I agree that Melanie is playing a Sami-esque role, I'm not convinced that Melanie won't end up as more than the interloper. My memories of early C/A/S are fuzzy, but I don't recall Austin ever having any erotic dreams about Sami prior to him getting together with Carrie. In fact, I don't recall Sami ever being considered a legitimate threat to Austin and Carrie. From what I remember from the time, my general impression was that Sami was a lovestruck puppy who Austin did not believably have any interest in. For another thing, Philip and Stephanie's relationship is simply not very strong. While I was a never an Austin and Carrie fan, it was always crystal clear to me that Austin was, for whatever reason, in love with the chipmunk and he was never truly in love with Sami, though he cared for her.

I feel like Phelony has been set up to be a love-hate relationship, with Philip having very strong feelings for Melanie that he's interpreting as hate but which mask a deep attraction. I hate it, but that's how I see it. Right now Stephanie is being written as Blandy de Milquetoast, with no personality other than "cute girl who sometimes is bitchy to romantic rival." If you can't tell, I hate every facet of this story and I think JKJ (and to a lesser extent, SH) deserve better.
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