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Jan 27 2009, 10:17 AM
Here are a couple more blind items from the ship:

Which married soap actor tried to get some action with another shipmate, but she turned him down flat? (Another soap actor witnessed this)

Which primaDONNA on B&B gets applause and cheers from Lesli Kay when something bad happens to them?

Is another paycut going to happen to an AMC star?

Which actors actually hate each other behind the scenes?

There is a strong rumor that was floating aboard that one of the soap stars was popping some Valium pills. I DOUBT this was true b/c of where I heard it.
Very interesting Tidbits - no clue on any of them ... actors hating each other behind the scene I suppose there could be a number of those ...

Question on these blind items .... are the answers to these ever reveiled somewhere? ... I think you should do a cross word puzzle just using answers to the the blind items ...
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