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Jan 27 2009, 05:12 PM
Jan 27 2009, 05:01 PM
I doubt it. The Danloe scene had a purpose because they had to show the passion between them is really unbearable. Phillip and Steph are a completely different kind of couple so I think the scene will be much more playfull and not so "pornish".

Of course, there will be also the Phillip/Melanie fantasy, establishing Melanie´s position as the obsessed thirdparty.
Unbearable . . . that's one way to describe the Danloe passion.

As for the Philip/Melanie fantasy, I'm not so sure that its purpose is to establish Melanie as the obsessed interloper, in that Philip had an erotic dream about her already. As much as I hate, loathe and despise it, I do feel the show is making some effort to show mutual sparks between Philip and Melanie, which Philip is characterizing right now as dislike but which will probably end up being passion. :puke: He already said he would "never" have sex with her, which usually means, "until next week."
I agree with you that was the initial idea but I really doubt they will go there anymore. Phillip´s dream had never any following and while there were some heated and obviously sexually charged scenes between them in November, he seems to be fully into Stephanie now.

Phillip/Steph making love while Mel imagines being on Steph´s place is a classic interloper setup and I think we will soon see Melanie go completely into Sami mode.

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