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This week's SOD and SOW both include articles about the Chloe/Daniel story. SOW features an interview with Shawn Christian, and SOD features a short interview with Suzanne Rogers.

After Maggie sees Chloe and Daniel, she goes to the Brady Pub, and Lucas walks in. But Maggie doesn't say anything to him, because as Rogers explains, "She doesn't want to do anything to upset Kate, who just had the transplant, or upset Lucas, because she sees how in love with Chloe he is." Maggie tells Chloe that she won't say anything for now, but if Chloe continues to see Daniel, Maggie will tell Lucas.

The next day, Maggie goes to the hospital and sees Chloe there. She asks Chloe if Chloe's talked to Daniel yet, but Chloe gives a quick answer and leaves. So then Maggie goes to talk to Daniel. Daniel first denies he's having an affair with Chloe, but then Maggie tells him that Chloe admitted it. As Christian says, "Maggie says Chloe's having an affair with someone she doesn't really love and that she's confused. She also calls out Daniel's character and dignity as a man. It's very offensive to Daniel."

Daniel tells Maggie that he can't promise not to see Chloe. Maggie says that she'll have to tell Lucas. Christian says that "part of Daniel is willing to take that risk. Part of him wants the secret out, so this isn't duplicitous for him. Daniel becomes frighteningly surprised at how crazy in love he is with Chloe."

SOW then asks Christian if Chloe is not just this week's love for Daniel. Christian responds that "for the record, Daniel has never admitted he's loved anybody up until this point."

As Daniel and Maggie are talking, Lucas shows up, but Maggie doesn't tell him. But, then Kate walks over to them. Kate says that she's afraid Sami will return and become a threat to Lucas and Chloe's future. Christian says that at that moment, Daniel feels "a little awkward, and there are twinges of guilt." However, Daniel knows that if Sami does come between Chloe and Lucas, it may ultimately help him.

Then, later, Chloe goes to Daniel and tells him about her run-in with Maggie. Daniel tells her that they'll just have to be more careful, because as Christian says, "[Daniel] is not ready to give up this woman he is truly crazy in love with." Christian says that Chloe feels the same way about Daniel.

The SOW article ends by saying that Chloe and Daniel then "get hot and heavy again".
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