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Jan 28 2009, 12:22 PM
Jan 28 2009, 12:02 PM
zzzzzzzz. Thanks for posting, Ellie! :)
This is the most ridiculous garbage Higley has managed to produce thus far.

You mean to tell me that after everything Bo and Hope have been through, Higley thinks that this piece of crap story is going to satisfy their fans? I can't even tell you how laughable it is that the biggest threat to their marriage is the fact that he didn't tell her he bumped his head and turned into Celeste.

Can you even imagine the dialogue for these scenes? Taken out of context -- hell, even in context -- it's going to sound completely ridiculous. Why are they arguing over the reason he never told her about the visions rather than trying to figure out why he's suddenly having these visions in the first place? It's as if they just run across psychics everyday and it's nothing out of the ordinary. So stupid!

A pork 'n beans character like Bo should never be put in a story like this one. It just doesn't fit him properly.

Hope knows about the visions and they talked about finding out why and what is wrong. Bo didn't want to go to a shrink or undergo tests.

Is it contrived in anyway? Sure but, for me, it's played out better then I thought it would. It doesn't come off absurd to me, knowing both characters, I understand why Bo and Steve acted this way. I also don't think the idea that Bo keeping this from Hope is the conflict is not ridiculous. It's a trust issue and it was something that ended in tragedy that could cost Hope her job, which would be stupid considering Bo tampered with evidence and managed to avoid losing his job. Hell, he became commissioner. I'm just glad to see something good coming their way that they can at least be challenged with.

I think the idea that Bo was always resistant to visions and the supernatural is what makes this interesting. Bo is being forced to deal with something he never really believed in. I wish they would use Celeste and have them talk about this because Bo used to always roll his eyes at her and her visions, no matter how accurate she was.

It also makes this whole psychic thing more meaningful now because it has directly affected Bo and Hoe. I've seen reactions on the boards and I've seen positive response but I think it has more to do with at least seeing Bo, Hope, Steve, and Kayla then the story but still any positive is good.
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