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Please link to DR only. Thank you! :)

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The search for Brad is on this week when Colleen summons JT to help find her missing father. Tammin Sursok discusses the mysterious disappearance.

WEEKLY: What prompts Colleen to go looking for Brad?

SURSOK: Colleen and Brad were supposed to go to dinner. He never canceled or called, and there's a blizzard outside. Colleen's starting to get worried. She calls the cops for help, but they say someone has to be missing for 24 hours, so they can't really do anything right now. Colleen's fed up, so she decides to look for her dad on her own.

WEEKLY: Colleen ends up interrupting JT and Victoria's anniversary dinner, and asking for JT's help.

SURSOK: Since JT has experience as a private eye, Colleen asks him where's the first place she should look for her dad. JT wants to come with her, because it's dangerous outside.

WEEKLY: JT and Colleen track Brad's cell signal to a road near the cabin and head out looking for him. What do they find?

SURSOK: They come to a dead end. They find Brad's abandoned car and his phone is inside. Colleen's worried -- why would her father leave his phone and not contact anyone? JT and Colleen also find a rescue person, who tells them it's deadly out there and that they should turn around. Colleen is definitely thinking the worst.

WEEKLY: JT calls Paul to get a search started. and he and Colleen return to Brad's house. What happens once they get there?

SURSOK: Everyone's waiting to hear the latest news -- Ashley, Traci, Abby, Lily and Billy. Colleen tells them they found Brad's car and cell, but don't know where he is. Everyone's hoping for the best.

WEEKLY: Later, Victor shows up at the house. How does Colleen feel about that?

SURSOK: Colleen is absolutely furious that Victor's there, because he dislikes her father so much, but she lets it simmer for a while. She doesn't have a full blown go at him until later. Victor's there for Abby, because he's her real father. But Colleen sees it as Victor trying to sabotage something.

WEEKLY: Later, Colleen confronts Victor about the voice-mail he left her father, threatening Brad unless he resigns from Newman's board of directors. Does she unleash some real fury here?

SURSOK: Colleen's enraged! She screams at Victor. She's like, "How dare you come here when everyone knows how much you hated the man? Everyone here is supporting him and hoping he's going to be okay!" She tells Victor everyone heard the voice-mail he left for her father, saying he doesn't want Brad as part of anything he has his hand in and throwing him off the board.

WEEKLY: Ultimately, Victor realizes how serious the situation is and offers to help Brad. Is Colleen amenable to this?

SURSOK: At this point, anything that can help find her father is fantastic, but Colleen's not happy the help is coming from someone she dislikes so much.

WEEKLY: Is Colleen starting to wonder if her father might be dead?

SURSOK: I think so. If someone isn't found in 24 hours, you pretty much expect the worst. Colleen's devastated by Brad's disappearance and extremely upset, but she's still hopeful. She's always loved her father and wants him to be okay. If it turns out Brad is dead, Colleen's life will be completely turned upside down.
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