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Jan 28 2009, 01:12 PM
I see this story about two horny people - Higley's lame attempt at a love affair not a love "story". But what it has turned into is a "lust" affair - full of those near porn scenes that for some odd reason Higley thinks will get people to tune in...
Did you see the numbers for last week? Im not the one who believes the ratings are directly connected with who is and isnt on but I was really shocked how good the numbers were for the engagment party/Danloe lust fest which was merely a filler.

The story certainly created the buzz, like it or hate it, so Im not surprised they are backtracking a little, trying to give the affair more substance, and maybe even thinking to continue with it beyond the wedding.

Something had to change because even SC and NB are much more enthusiastic and are doing their best to promote the show and their story lately. And it gets a lot of airtime, its actually the "B" story of the show right now.
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