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Jan 28 2009, 03:58 PM
Jan 28 2009, 03:52 PM
^There are rumors that we should be hearing about more firings this week.

I don't know about SN and MBE. They've been on every to be fired list for at least a year now and they go nowhere. I wonder if they will keep them and use them whenever like they have been doing. There was a blind item about an actor no longer making a big stink about lack of story and I wondered if it was Thaoo or SN. If that is the case, maybe they will both stick around or maybe the show will only keep one of them again.

I have a feeling Thaoo will be gone for sure and that means LeAnn too, who we never see anyway. I also think this may be it for Josh Taylor too. They have never used him less them they do now and I really think they will at least drop him to recurring.
I actually wouldn't be surprised if MBE and SN stay. I expect them to float into the background once again after this is all said and done(and it sounds okay), but I at least can't see MBE leaving. Just because they seem to like using her as a doctor, and if SC goes as rumored and with Lexie so rarely at the hospital now, they'd need a local doctor.

As for Thaao and LeAnn....meh, I love them both, but it honestly wouldn't make a difference to me. They are on so rarely(LeAnn's never even on at all), and I actually wouldn't be surprised at Josh Taylor leaving either. I mean, all this month, we've only seen him standing at the hospital when J&M left....he does nothing.
The use of MBE recently makes me think they may get rid of Steve and leave her again, which would be a slap in the face to another fanbase.

If they insist on saying goodbye and moving on from the era of these supercouples, they really should satisfy their fans with a proper ending. It just makes sense business-wise but this is Days we are talking about LOL.
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