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I just saw this on a board that I'm a member. It comes from a reliable source, that has a source at the agency where Days gets alot of their baby actors from.....not sure what to think, just thought some of you might have some ideas..

BREAKING NEWS- We got word from our agents that we will no longer be shooting any episodes of "Days". They decided to age the babies, so they can't use infants anymore. Apparently one of the actors is leaving the show, we think it's Ari who plays "Nicole". Our agent wasn't sure. But because of this, they need Sami's baby and Mia's baby to be older, so we're done with that show.
This happens in the business. People get written out of shows, and it happens a lot in soaps. But, because they're so cute and because they have the huge success of "Days" on their resume, they will get more work. We just had an audition today for a Similac print ad. Our agent said that the Producers over at "Days" loved our twins and loved us, it's just a creative choice.
So we will be working more, hopefully on another soap. It's fun working those. We also have the DHC episodes of "Twins By Surprise", two episodes, and we'll post when the air dates are for those when we hear. It's also pilot season


Edited to add: Just wanted to clarify that I'm NOT stating this as a spoiler or scoop or anything of that nature. I'm just curious and thought ya'll might be too. I absolutely think this is RUMOR at this point. :wave:
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