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Jan 28 2009, 04:32 PM
Jan 28 2009, 04:18 PM

There is alot they can do with Steve and Kayla with the show it it's current form. There is still some blank spots in Steve's past. They can involve them more in their daughter's life and maybe deal with the fact that their daughter is dating Victor's son. There is opportunity there and you don't even need to give them alot of screentime. Just make them active.

There are blanks spots for both Steve and Kayla. There is so much that never got explored as far as a couple coming back together after being apart for 16 years. Although it should have been explored earlier, it is still a possibility now. Let some nice male doctor from Kayla's CA days come up to Salem - Steve can go through some self-doubt about Kayla's professional standing vis a vis his own. Or maybe something Steve did in his Dimera days comes back to haunt him and some other people in Salem.
I like that but I just wonder if they are past the point of bringing some man from Kayla's life in LA in. I think it just may be too late for that but anything to give them something.

There is stuff they can do. This is assuming Days wants to keep them around. After Corday threw them under the bus in early 2007 in SOD, I thought they didn't but they've kept them around since then so who knows.
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