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The whole problem with this show is the writing. It is dreadful. I have been watching this show off and on for 25 years. This is the worst I have seen it. At least when Marlena was a killer, and when she was excoricisd, it was campy and entertaining. Now, it is full of unlikeable people. Weak, mean people. I'm not rooting for Nicole, she is a terrible person. She lied to a young girl, and steals sami's baby. I agree with Victor on Nicole. Victor at least tells it like it is. Sami has been ruined. She would have had a conniving plan all ready when she delivered this baby. She should have all her children taken away from her.(come to think of it; she has) She is an awful mother.....and she has 4 kids???? Yikes. Lucas? Who would want him. How old is he and his mother rules him? He does whatever mamma wants. Choloe just has sex with anyone who wants it. Weren't she and Phillip having sex just because they were buddies? Dr. Feelmeup--yuk.
This is not "Days of our Lives" anymore.

I hope mary beth evans and stephen nichols do not leave. They still have lots of story left to tell. What about the time Stephano took baby joe when they had that hospital purple gas thing? Who will bo and hope talk to? Abe and Lexie??? That's it? I do wish the soap gods would listen and get rid of Higley. She is the worst writer ever.
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