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Jan 28 2009, 05:16 PM
I think the agent who made the post doesnīt know much about the show so he switched Allie/Johnny with Mia/Samiīs babies. Otherwise it doesnīt make even slightest sense. We saw the babies today, they are todlers. They donīt need any acting abilities or anything to be praised for like the post claims, they just exists.

On the other side, Allie/Johhny were just slighty sorased and yes, the original kids playing them had to be atleast a little focused and understand where they are, so I think the agent is talking about them. It even makes sense timewise, because the footfight scene from the Pub were taped on January 5 and thatīs the first time we saw the older kids.

As for Ari leaving, never say never, but I would be shocked. She seems totaly into it, and she is the leading star of the show right now. I quess itīs still possible if the show approached her with some drastic budget cut demand and she refused, but I doubt it.
I agree.

I have to wonder if maybe this has to do with Johnny and Alli since they were just recast.

It makes no sense to age newborns. Absolutely none. I know Days can be incompetent but come on. Even if Ari was leaving, I don't see how that would mean aging the babies.

As for Ari, I don't buy it. James Scott or even Ali Sweeney, sure. But Ari seems so happy right now. She is leading the A story and getting major accolades. She just returned to the show less then a year ago and says she is glad she came back because she loves it. She loves working with Eric Martsolf. That interview we just read with her seemed genuine. I doubt she is going and I doubt the show would let her go. Everyone seems to like her and she's been frontburner for months and ratings have been good with her leading the A story.

I think it's likely something got misinterpreted.
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