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Jan 28 2009, 04:04 PM
Daily spoilers

Monday, February 2nd
Nicole puts the next phase of her plan into action; Rafe tries to warn Sami about the killer; the killer attacks Kayla; Maggie confronts Chloe about her affair.

Tuesday, February 3rd
The killer and Hope face-off at the hospital; Kayla is rushed into surgery; E.J. thinks the baby looks like Nicole until he notices a birthmark; Rafe is nursed back to health at the convent; Stephanie gets upsetting news.

Wednesday, February 4th
Lexie tells everyone that Kayla's surgery is touch-and-go; Melanie fantasizes about Philip; E.J. and Nicole bring their baby home; Sami convinces Rafe to let her stay at the convent longer.

Thursday, February 5th
Stefano comes home to meet his granddaughter; Chloe visits Nicole; Maggie asks Daniel to end things with Chloe; Chelsea tries to talk to Hope; Max and Chelsea worry about Bo and Hope's marriage.

Friday, February 6th
Nicole almost tells Chloe everything; Brady discovers that Nicole has acquired a baby; Nicole's plan starts to unravel; Stephanie and Philip talk about what almost happened between them; Kate fears for Lucas' future with Chloe.
Monday -- go Maggie!
Tuesday/Friday -- I am betting that birthmark looks like something Sami has. You know... they said EJ was going to get dark again, so this storyline will have to unravel so he will sadly lose some of his optimism so he can become dark and brooding.. have trust issues, etc.
Wed -- Ok Melanie fantasizing about Phillip... He is 30ish and she is 18. I just do not like that... well sadly I don't see her with anyone because of her childish attitude. I think if she was bringing a more mature bitchiness to make her appear more "tried" for her age I might like it. But right now she just comes off as a spoiled child and nothing more.
Thurs -- go Maggie!
Friday -- Does this mean Kate finds out about Chloe? Even if Nicole told Chloe.. she has Brady that knows, Mia that knows and Dr. Baker that knows. Someone is going to tell. I mean even TONY knows she is up to something. What if he tracked down Mia because of his suspicions. Even if he didn't talk to Mia he would see she was not pregnant anymore and wonder where her baby is... just a thought.
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