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Thanks to an anonymous source for these!

For the week of February 2nd:

---Nicole was stunned to learn EJ was back from his business trip. She ordered Baker to get Sami out of the clinic stat. Baker warned Nicole that the baby looked a lot like Sami. When EJ arrived, however, he thought the little girl looked like him. EJ and Nicole brought "their" baby home, where Nicole got a call from Mia, whom she warned never to call her again. Mia told her not to worry; she was off to Japan. Nicole decided to name the baby Sydney. Later, Nicole got a visit from Chloe, who wanted to discuss her man problems. Nicole made Chloe promise to never tell that she knew about Sami's pregnancy. Then Nicole got another visitor Brady who warned her her problems were far from over. At the end of the week, something was wrong with the baby.....

---Sami raced out of the clinic to get her baby to safety. She returned to the convent, where Rafe tried to warn her about the killer, then collapsed at her feet. Sister Theresa and another nun tended to Rafe. They learned the killer was dead, but Sami was still not ready to go home. She persuaded Rafe to let her stay at the convent a little longer. She was nervous about returning to her old life, and reluctant to leave her baby, who she named Grace. EJ and Stefano learned that Sami would be coming home. EJ promised Nicole that Sami would not get in the way of their happiness.

---Melanie was still obsessed with Philip, and unhappy when she overheard him and Stephanie talking about making love. She was determined to undo the damage and told Philip she was leaving Titan, then called EJ right in front of him and told him she had decided to take her project to the DiMeras. She told Philip he wouldn't mess with her, ever again. Victor got a hint of what was going on and told Philip that Melanie was a liability that had to be dealt with. Stephanie was disturbed when she overheard Philip vow to keep the project and to crush Melanie.

---Kayla realizes the stabbing victim looks familiar, then he attacks her; Daniel saves her, then they save the killer's life. Kayla realizes who the killer is, and calls Hope. As Hope arrives, the killer takes Kayla hostage; Hope pulls her gun, while Bo freaks out when he realizes the two (Kayla and Hope) are together; Hope makes a last attempt to shoot the killer, and accidentally shoots Kayla instead; Bo shoots and kills the killer, while Lexie rushes Kayla into surgery.

---Angry, Hope realizes Bo knew she was going to shoot Kayla because of his visions. She is furious with him for not telling her and the tension between them grows. Meanwhile, Kayla's surgery is touch-and-go, but she pulls through. Later, Chelsea tries to get Hope to open up about what was wrong, and to forgive herself. Bo tells Hope she's now being investigated by Internal Affairs.

---Maggie confronted Chloe, who tried to explain her affair. Lucas arrived and Maggie kept quiet, but warned Chloe to end the affair or else. Then, Maggie confronted Daniel and told him to break it off with Chloe. He wasn't making any promises. Maggie thought about telling Lucas, but thought better of it. Chloe and Daniel made love again and he insisted he wasn't giving up on her, but they had to be more careful. Chloe remained riddled with guilt.
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