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Jan 29 2009, 04:26 AM
Jan 29 2009, 12:20 AM
Maybe this is the twist that AZ said in that interview....that Sami's kid dies? (I doubt that it'll happen...she has the golden halo!)
Sami never pays for anything...she thinks this kid's a mistake and it lives...while Nicole couldnt get pregnant, got pregnant and her kid dies.
Actually, there is another scenario they can use until the reveal and on past the reveal.

If Nicole ends up with another dead baby and Sami has Mia's, Mia won't know about Nicole's switch out. EJ and Nicole will be grieving a lost baby and noone but Nicole knows the difference.

Mia could reenter the picture when she finds out her baby, who she believes is with Nicole and EJ, died and she just might show up at the funeral.

Will Nicole realize she goofed up and try to get Mia's baby from Sami?

Things are going to get sticky if Mia finds out Nicole switched the babies, if Nicole was able to pull off the switch.

Nicole was at the clinic in the promos for next days trying to find out about Sami's baby and if she hears the baby has problems, will she go ahead and do a switch.

If Nicole succeeds in making the switch and it is Sami's baby that dies or nearly dies, Nicole will realize she messed up again and should have taken Mia's baby and not tampered with the whole switch.

Nicole's knowledge that Mia's baby is healthy and with Sami will eat Nicole alive.

She could probably try to hatch another seat of the pants plot to get Mia's baby back, but she will have to do some heavy explaining to EJ, so Nicole is going to lose out in any way that matters. Nicole could always use the old adopt a baby.

Nicole will also have had it with Sami always winning and have a really big mess on her hands just when she thought she had everything.

I can see Nicole making a visit to Sami if Sami's baby does die and letting Sami know the truth that Sami's kid died and Sami has someone elses baby to torture Sami. Nicole could think she could threaten Sami somehow and get her to turn over the baby to Nicole to conveniently adopt.

No baby and EJ was always mentioning the baby first and then Nicole. He talked himself into loving Nicole out of duty. EJ's love for Nicole might begin to lessen day by day since he makes himself fall in love with the mother of his kids.

So EJ ends up grieving with Nicole thinking it was their baby.

Sami is still going to have to hide her baby from EJ because she won't know about the switch until Nicole blabs for revenge.

In other words, whatever path they take especially if Sami's baby dies is going to end up a tortured mess for Nicole and Sami.

Sami wins though if she gets to keep Mia's baby with no worries about the DiMera's.

But Mia might show up and want her kid back if she finds out that Nicole lied.

Delicious contradictions, angst, and drama, if Days writers work it all out right and doesn't mess it up.
The only problem is...........again, it would be too much like One Life to Live, in which Jessica had a baby who died. Jessica's alter switched the dead baby with Starr Manning's baby, whom Marcie was going to adopt. They had a funeral and everything. Now, Jessica's in the pysch ward and her sister is taking care of the baby, who is really Starr's, and getting attached to her AND is on the outs with her sister, who tried to kill her. So, it'll probably end up as a four-way custody battle when all is said and done.

I love your scenario, don't get me wrong. But, it just seems to me that Dena tends to nab some of her ideas from her old place of employment. I guess I might be over-analyzing this, though. It will be interesting to see how they resolve this.
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