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Jan 29 2009, 10:23 AM
I have a feeling it's SN. He's almost never on the show any more and when he is, he doesn't have much to do. Too bad, because he's very talented and there were so many possibilities for Steve when he returned.

I hate when info is teased like this. It works people up into a frenzy and gets everyone upset and causes more drama...if only some of this drama could transfer to the show itself!
I don't know that it's SN, but I've been thinking the same thing. They use Kayla as a doctor but really don't use Steve much.

I just don't get it. SN is a good actor and is fun to watch. Why the heck did they make him a PI when we have so many on the Salem PD? Sure they can't solve a crime on their own if their lives depended on it, but if the writers can't keep the cops busy with stories, what did they plan to do with a PI? Did Steve do much with this whole mayor fiasco? He'd have been great working at a help center near the docks again, trying to help young people get their lives on track and that could have been a nice sequeway to introduce us to new and different characters naturally while creating involving stories.

Whomever it is, I'm sick of vets getting let go because the writers are inept. It's not like the writers are just flowing with good stories for the young people either. The vets are just the scapegoats because they don't want to write decent stories period. They just want to fill the screen with cheaper young actors having indescriminate sex with anyone and everyone.

I felt sure it was time to get out after brutal J&M exit, but darn, it still hurts to see this happen to these wonderful characters. I feel like they are going to be as cruel as they can be, go for all the publicity they can get, hoping people will see the publicity and tune in long enough to be hooked on porn... Or just to cut expenses as much as they can because they know it's the end soon. They seem to be giving up even trying to write a good show that makes sense. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
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