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Daily spoilers

Monday, February 9th
Stephanie confronts Philip about his talk wih Victor; Melanie confides in Max; Kayla tells Hope she forgives her; Sydney is rushed to the hospital; Nicole thinks about telling E.J. everything.

Tuesday, February 10th
Nicole receives a surprise visit from Dr. Baker; Stephanie runs into Philip at Chez Rouge; Chloe and Lucas set a wedding date; Victor begins to suspect that Daniel has feelings for Chloe.

Wednesday, February 11th
Dr. Baker asks Nicole for more money; Nicole convinces Brady to betray Victor; Stefano tells E.J. he should keep a closer eye on his fiancée; Chloe breaks up with Lucas; Kayla and Daniel discuss his love life.

Thursday, February 12th
Victor catches Brady and Nicole breaking into his safe; E.J. is upset that Nicole left Sydney with the housekeeper; Lucas tells Kate that Chloe ended their engagement.

Friday, February 13th
Philip tells Stephanie and Brady that Melanie has been fired; E.J. chooses a wedding date without consulting Nicole; Nicole gets a call from Mia; Sami misses her other children.

**UPDATED 1/30**

For the week of February 9th:

---Nicole discovered Sydney wasn't breathing and rushed the baby to the hospital. Brady joined them and comforted Nicole, causing EJ to question the other man's motives. Brady left and Nicole told EJ he needed to know everything, but when she found out Sydney was going to be fine, she changed her tune. The family returned home, and Stefano warned EJ he needed to keep a closer eye on Nicole.

---Dr. Baker continued blackmailing Nicole. Desperate, she went to Brady and convinced him to get her the cash. Unfortunately, Victor caught them breaking into the safe at the Kiriakis mansion. Brady convinced his grandfather that he was simply repaying a loan, but he also told Nicole that they had to talk about what was happening. Meanwhile, EJ set the date for his and Nicole's wedding, and gave her $10,000 for a deposit on a dress, which she promptly used to repay Brady. Brady tracked down Baker and threatened him, telling him to stay away from Nicole.

---Stephanie confronted Philip about his conversation with Victor about "burying" Melanie. Philip warned Stephanie that he wasn't her knight in shining armor and she needed to accept him as is. She wasn't sure she could do that, and got some love advice from her mom. However, when she ran into Philip at Chez Rouge, she ignored Kayla's words of wisdom and continued the relationship. They enjoyed a romantic evening, until, that is, she heard Philip callously talking about bringing Melanie down. She realized she had to bid him farewell.

---Melanie wondered if EJ could "eliminate" Philip. EJ responded by suggesting – in so many words – that Melanie steal the project plans from Titan. She hacked into Philips computer and found the blueprints, but he found her and fired her. On the spot. Melanie shared this with Max, and he let slip that Nick had sent him another copy of the plans. She got a look at them, then went over to EJ's where she copied down a portion of the plans, thanks to her photographic memory. EJ gave her a small cash advance, but it looks as though Melanie is getting in over her head.

---During a hospital fundraiser at Chez Rouge, Chloe consented to a Valentine's wedding with Lucas, but couldn't keep her eyes off of Daniel. She sang a love song and, overcome by emotion, ran out. Lucas followed her and she told him she couldn't marry him; she gave Lucas back his ring, insisting he deserved better. She then headed to Daniel's, where she begged him to leave town with her, right away. He refused. Meanwhile, Lucas told Kate what Chloe had done.

---Kayla forgave Hope for shooting her. Hope admitted she was upset with Bo for withholding his vision, and revealed that Steve knew about it, too. Kayla was furious with Steve, but they managed to work it out and reaffirm their love.

---Abe suggested Bo treat Hope as an equal, but when she returned home, she wanted no part of it. She told Bo she was moving in with Doug and Julie.

**UPDATED 2/1**

CDN TV Guide spoilers

Stephanie confronts Philip about what he said to Victor; Rafe lies to Sami after a bad meeting with his boss.

EJ comes to the defence of Nicole; Melanie is served with an injunction.

Dr. Baker attempts to get more money from Nicole; Melanie tries to steal company blueprints.

Philip catches Melanie hacking into his computer; Victor finds Brady giving Nicole money; Chloe begs Daniel to leave Salem with her.

Melanie finds a way to show EJ the blueprints; Brady finds Dr. Baker and threatens him.

**UPDATED 2/3**

Daytime Dial spoilers


• EJ questions Brady about his true motives with Nicole.

• Stefano hints that he’d like to date Kate.

• Chloe breaks off her engagement with Lucas.

• Philip warns Stephanie that he’s not the “hero” of her fantasies.

• Hope tells Bo she’s moving in with Doug and Julie.

Thursday – Victor catches Brady giving Nicole money from his safe.

Friday – EJ sets a date for his wedding to Nicole.


**UPDATED 2/4**


Philip fires Melanie
Chloe agrees to a Valentine's Day wedding
Bo confies in Abe about his visions


Melanie tells Max her plan to play EJ and Philip
Dr. Baker demands more hush money from Nicole
Stephanie questions her relationship with Philip
Victor catches Brady breaking into his safe
Sami learns EJ and Nicole set a wedding date

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